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Thursday, 26 May 2011


Fragility is
to be a biscuit?..that it's so easy to break out of pieces?
is to look your dream and see it so far away?
is it just the night side of the day trip of the sun?

...new inpirations...

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tea bag

even if italian smmer is already stepping in...still i want to celebrate this afternoon with a tea time...

hot warm or fresh?

i always go for hot..it relaxes me more than everything else, it makes me calm down and it gives flavour to my already coloured thoughts!

so, if you maybe are at the right tea time ( always and ever?)  please join me. maybe with your taste and favourite grade of warmness!

and maybe add some very good ginger biscuits!

Feltrosa remembers

Hi Friends!

here some pics of the class i did in feltrosa 2011, Gambettola (FC- Italy), a very important workshop and meeting of feltmakers and textil art.

I worked with Rutsuko Sakata (http://www.rutsuko.net/eng/profile.html ) , a great Japanise artist .Above you can see some of her art pieces with flower coming ot and not stiched bu growed out from nuno felt

In this meeting, there was also Nina Demidova, a Russian very sweet yong lady, teaching wraps and dress making. This very colorfull pieces you see in the photo, are so light and fll of shades, that seems born from nature.

And hereMandy Nash, (http://www.mandynash.co.uk/ ) another great designer about felt.
Here a working moment...

New feathers

Here are new plumes for luciamylight.

TECUM and SEI TU are born on the inspiration of Krishna Das voice and songs.

They are dedicated to my Great Love, the Highest, and my Prince.

SEI TU has a story written below the heart-wings..that story is in italian, and tells about a library, full of dreams and stories, and a little light that make shades on the walls, shades of a caste, of a princess and a King..the voice who tells the life.

Both are painted with oil colours on wood.

all rights reserved Luciamylight

spread Light all around!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Just something i made

Hi friends!
here a little idea for a card - framed gift!

and.here the font 


it's the NEW LOVE WOOD.....