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Sunday, 29 January 2012

my first crochet flower

I always thought when starting a new art, that will be too much difficult and i'll not be able...and that's my lack of confidence, a little hall in my Anatha Chakra (the house of Love and confidence) which will be soon overwhelmed by Sahaja Yoga ... blessed gift from Maha Devi Shri Mataj.

This project follow the ties series, as the main panel is made up with that ties i used also for the Caribean bag, and it's another gift for an Angel i met on my way: she will receive it as a surprise very soon!

I did know i wanted to put something on the front, and i visualized a flower... but i thought it was to brave to start crocheting now, and mostly with few hours of time. I went to my mother (a Master Crocheter) and looked with her on the Big misterius book of "All works with tread", the old book she always studied for her project by when i can remember.
So i chose the simplest and looked her going quickly with her hands.. continuing my "too difficult!" comments.
Then she suddenly left me alone. with my emptiness. Should i have learned something in that few minutes of time?
Yes...the thing is: i did.

I went to my studio, took the Big old book with me.. and started.
My hands went on the tread as they were very familiar with it... and i remember i used to do some "pasticci"  ( mess, in litteraly translation " bad pastries ) with crochet when i was a child.
But it felt as it was the day before.

And this flower came out so easily and happily...grew with love by thinking to my Angel Friend.

that was the little daily tale.


Saturday, 28 January 2012


This is my last discover on children book master pieces...
i found it on Bologna Fair site, as in March will open the Chilndre book fair, and every year they organize many awards.. this work won as the "Opera Prima", that is the first published work of a new illustrator.
Here you'll find the original version, that is Francais, even if i think this book has only images and so....you don't have so much effort to do in translation!
This kind of works, without text, are my favourite as in my opinion are for everybody, in the largest sense of the word, young and adults and every nationality...
In Italy this book has been titled "Concerto per alberi" (concerto for trees) and i also like this choice..

As it is a limited edition (2010) i decided to bought it, and i'm very curious to see it now.

This past week has been a little troubled inside...and i also discovered was a week with a real powerful magnetic storm coming from our Sun... that invest the eteric body of the Earth and, consequently, of every being on it.

Here some images of this present storm.

This storms will help to operate a tranformation towards the Light of the Acquarius Age, or the dawn of Satya Yuga ( about this theme you can find a lot of infos on the book The sacred Science of Shri Yukteswar, the Master of Paramansa Yogananda) , where we are going to.

Related to this, here you can read the 2010 interview to Satya Sai Baba, a very enlighted guru who has lived on this Planet.

This storm should been end around today... my eteric body is a bit happy to be able to have a bit of rest to adjust the changings...

Happy week end!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Caribean elfic bag

Hi friends!
here i'm again at the studio, cutting time away for my passions...and with a new bag, that will be a gift for a friend which very soon will go on holiday where i was been nearly one month ago, BVI ( British Virgin Islands)...
First of all, i have to say that i LOVE to built thing by reciclying old or used cloth with a story for me...and create out of them a new life.

For this project i  took:
-some ties i found in a garage sale on the road for Connecticut in my Usa travel last year,
-an old dress i neither know the owner, but it waited for me in a corner of the roof where my studio is..a very good fabric, light shining blue
- a pillowcase i got into an antiquitè market in a village around here.

This curious meeting of stories, fabrics, and colours made me think from the beginning to S, so i decided to sew a bag for her. The combination i thought, is also very close to the Caribean colours...

and a shoot to the label, hand stitched on a piece of the floury fabric....

I hope you 'll enjoy this very simple and coloured project..
have a nice week end you all !!!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A new life

Welcome on earth!
this little guys was born last week here, and i'm always very happy to be able to see how life is wonderful and perfect!
Ciuly and Fruly ( these are the names i choose for them) are very shy in their first days...but already very active and funny!

Saturday, 21 January 2012


Good night my friends.......

Love grows ... Love

Love borns between us , friends, when we connect on One unity, one smile one pure aim
Love is also growing by thinking to the souls i love, maybe distant in space but not far in my heart

Love...grows love

In this moment, i wish to thanks all that being who teach me love, which gave it to me even just being themselves.

You are my favourite Angels.


Saturday, 14 January 2012

Elfic Biscuits

Which kind of sweets are my favourites?
of course, biscuits!
and why do not create my own recipe?

i'm an elf, you know, and so i just could use my woodland ideas and ingredients!
in reality...I changed a well known recipe to do this wonderful food!

Take 150 gr of carrots, blend them with 50 gr of walnuts, 80 gr of barley malt, vanilla natural flavour (i had it liquid) , a spot of salt and cinnamon, two spoons of Anice liqueur.
Add 50 gr of seeds oil (the one you prefer) and a spot of sodium bicarbonate (or baking soda) - mix well.
Add 320 gr of flour
( i use normally mais, rice, manitoba, and corn...or i make my cereal version flour with a robot)
make sure your flours have at least 50 gr part of 00 corn , this will allow  the pastry to become compact.
Blend and form a flat pastry on your table.
cut the biscuits with your favourite forms...and bake them  180degrees for about 15 min...make sure to turn them if your oven is a gas one.

enjoy the woodland recipe!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012