I like to image this blog as a woodland, where everybody could sometimes stop to refresh soul and ideas, and maybe find some inspiring glimpses of life....
Here you'll find all about beauty and art. Welcome!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Feliz Navidad!

Dear Friends,
with this wonderful notes and this image ( my father is the artist and it's our 2011 crib ) i wish for all of you lightful moments, relax, quiet days with your beloved and... mostly this feast is dedicated to the Real Light that everyone of us have inside, and possibly it can shine with Jesus's birth!
Happy new beginning of 2012, a very important year it seems, but in the eternal present every moment is a gift..
i'll leave for some weeks and for sure i'll share with you my new inspirations coming from the trip (that's a surprise...)
 Aloha !

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Saint Lucia

Many traditions are related to S. Lucia, in some places this day is most important than Christmas, Children receive gifts and sweets, and at least here in Italy there is a sentence which states S. Lucia's day is the shortest of the year.
Anyway, thinking about the legend, i know She's the protector of sight... a friend gave me this idea today...she held the Real Sight.
The third eye.

May our Christic chakra be enlighted by her wisdom and brightness.
Happy S. Lucia to everyone!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Divine Mother's Day

Today Thy Blessing on us
is the most beautiful gift
we could ever received
Thank You Mother
of God

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Creativity Stretches

Hi friends!

this week is the first off work...yep!
and i could think about the idea to enlarge my studio taking even the room next to it...that actually is a perfect roof!

Why not?
I like to change and mostly, to see new pieces of land while i' m working!

Well, this space is mostly created for my sewing projects; it's very strange how tables get very easily overwhelmed by things, and call for more space, for other tables where to place new projects and crafts!

Actually  i have one corner for painting, one for pottery, one for pc and sewing machines, one for everything else + little projects... and this new one, of which mostly i like the idea of projecting a new space full of love and creativity! have you ever seen my studio?

I made new experiments about how to make a fabric hard enough to be painted on, with oil colours.... so i tried many traditional ways...sugar, corn flour starch, vynavil... and maybe i'll find the right one for me!

And my Santa's laboratory is going very good...Elfs are really helpful here!
This is a sewing project, for a gift!

I'm Joy!
This is the daily Mantra!  ^_^
Enjoy your life!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Beauty in music

I love this Artist, she's italian and with an extraodinary powerful voice...
hope to see her from live once!

Yo-Yo Flowers and winter projects

Hi friends!
 here i'm, back again...not that i left my studio work, but some rushing modern time...
finally i ended today my job at office, and for 5 weeks ( yuuuuuuu....) i'll be free free free to fly all around... just as a yoyo!
yes, one of my projects is related to Yo-Yos, and you can find the free tutorial of this nice tower here.
I had the idea to make them for many different decorations, and why not, even the Christmas tree, or a nice quilt for a baby girl, or a new skirt i'll soon will post for you (my first professional work after the class).

And what about your early wintertime? are you already in the Santas' workshop?
me...well...i never stop to enjoy to think about gift, all around the year, so i'm a Santas Friend! i support him, he is so stressed!
look to this nice book which keeps all the letter that Tolkien-Santa wrote every year to his children ( for many Christmas).

look what i found on my way few days ago:

Brave Being on an early wintertime
Yeeessssss...a nice butterfly!
 my Dearest i want to become so brave as you are ! do not fear the cold , the ignorance, the ego, and go lightly and colorfully around the world, smiling at each one , not caring about the results, smiling also to my ego which works against my Light, and doesn't allow me to take a punch without cry...

ah my dear Lucia, the way goes up, do you remember? ....at least for now!
but, how many joy in this way!

I want to wish for you a peaceful week end with this song, my very favourite Einaudi's piece:

Enjoy life !   

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Saiano Monastery

From my window

Today i'll lead You here, my Friends....so, give me your hand...and let's go!

A pic from the car

We are going by, car, that can be 20 min by home...

It's quite a steep way...are you trained? ^_^

 We'll Let the car at the parking place under the rock, and go up to the hill, on foot as this is the Path of Soul (obviously, it goes up!)

The first Miracle is looking us from the Hightest!

Looking down to the Valley

This is a view from the top of the rock, the Marecchia Valley is in her most gracious autumn dress!

Footpaths signs

Well, we'll go right, if you want to come with me...

A view before arriving at the Church

Well, here you can see, from the left side,
-a tower, which they're trying to restore and that will hopefully become a quite place for personal and silent retreats.
-the house of  DOn Osvaldo, the priest who keep wonderfully this peaceful spot for our Souls (really you can feel a nice warm feeling here)
-on the right side, the Church, i think the first one was around 1100 A.C., and it was a little castle , but it was rebuilted of course many times...

For an inside visit to the Church,and the future project of the Tower  my friend...take your time...i'll wait for you here!

Have a nice Sunday!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Composer of the day

Giovanni Pierluigi Da Palestrina 
He was a composer who lived in Rome in the Sixteenth Century, he worked mostly for the Church and created many pieces for Masses and Choirs (Sacred music) , but wrote also Madrigali and Canzonette (profane music)

Palestrina is the name of the town where he was born ( it was used to add this to the first name, as Leonardo "da Vinci" )

Here I propose you one of my favourite pieces, it's a motet for 4 voices (from Motets Book II for 4 voices) Date: 1584.

I was happy to discover and sing , in a Gregorian Choir i was part of, some years ago. I have to say that i really really enjoyed this activity, because during the sessions, i could feel the armony of voices pervading my body and using it as a proper instrments.
I had to stop just because lack of time  ^_^ but never knows, maybe there will be another time.
Actually, i love singing some Sacred songs i know, that is absolutely a beautiful experience, even if alone and spontaneous.


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The sport of the Day

Today i wish to share with you some glimpses about the origin of Martial Arts.
  a new spiritual art i’m experimenting, among many many others, is Qigong.

Boddhidarma was the founder of Martial Arts, as  a strong way of purification and elevation throught the martial way of life. This martial “lifestyle” has many different levels and applications, it can be used as an exterior way (like for warriors or Samurai), as  a mental one ( the way to use or control our thoughts) , ore in a spiritual one ( the Awereness over mind, a zen principle).

He codified many expressions for strengthening Monks, at his time ( 6 Century A.C.).
Going from the inside to the outside, we could count Qigong, Thai Chi, and Martial arts like Karate.

As I could enjoy, Qigong is a more static performance, working on the inner flowing of energy and recharging the  Prana.
Thai Chi is a movement selection in total armony, which should create a zen state of mind .
And Karate is the explosive side of energy.
Yang, Jwing-Ming is a famous Master of these arts.

All the movements and tecniques , in each one of these Disciplines, are made while the body keeps a muscular structure which enable it to fight, and grows a good balance in its energetical system. It should be always ready . 
For what? For doing the right thing at the right time!
The relaxation is not “ without tension”, but all the muscles works …really a lot! 

The way of Spirit is not effortless, my dear Monks!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Book of the Day

The Treehouse (Marije and Ronald Tolman)

Today i suggest you this Illustration Book, it was a wonderful discovery for me!
we could say it's at the mean time a book for a child and for anyone who loves Art.

This could be a nice gift for Christmas.... and moreover, for every kind of language...there are no words at all.

To your heart the translation!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Painting of the Day

Today I share with you a nice painting of Vincent Van Gogh, (Van GOgh Musem, Amsterdam) for me a refreshing spot ..
it remebers me the fresh wind of North,. And absolutely i admire his tecnique, first of all the base colour, always between light blue and violet.
Great Master!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

an interesting work about paper

My dear Friends,

today i wish to piont out for you this website which show the work of some French Guys...really interesting in my opinion.


Hope you'll enjoy!

Friday, 18 November 2011

What to be grateful for...

 YOU yourself
the Only one
who can bring happyness in your own way

Studio's spot

Good morning my friends,
here a nice spot of my studio... the Angel came from England, the tree is of a friend she landed to me endless...and i enjoy t so much!

this morning frost was on the north side of the Val Marecchia.. our first day of frost....
winter, you're finally welcome!
now sun is shining to light our ways on the earth...i wish mine, will be as His one.

^_^ enjoy your weekend all around the Universe!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Elf at work

divine identity keeper
how thick this cup is!
coming soon a new painting

works in progress.....    and a faery tale---

have a nice day!

Friday, 11 November 2011


Somebody says today there'll be a great powerfull energy unifing Earth and Sun as in a marriage... and many many Shining Beings will be at this big Feast...

enjoy the LOVe


Thursday, 10 November 2011

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Shri: Holy
Mata: Mother
Ji: venerable
Nirmala: immaculate
Devi: God

The incarnation of the Mother light and Love.

She founded Sahaja Yoga, and I just point you out this wonderful way to Heaven:


there are many many other website, blog, video, lectures and conferences on line.

enjoy the Blessings!

What is inside

What is inside....is this amazing light!
and more i clean this diamond, more it reveils all the others bright shides

.... ^_^

i confess to come out from a very hard moment, and my friends, i'm happily here again, changed and more then ever truly convinced that faith is absence of doubt.
and that experience is our own risk to grow.
well, i absolutely ask to be helped to arrive where my aim is. every moment i ask.

and from that dark moment, i asked more and more loudly... They, the Shining and Enlightened Creatures, was absolutely there.
and they lead me home again.

smile is shining at his best, on my elfic face! and the sun could'nt be brighter today, and now... i feel as  i'm born new. to a new state of consciousness.


Saturday, 29 October 2011


At least i do not take a brush from one and half month... too much stress and rushing here and there.
thare will come the right time again.

this work, was born in a project for USA, but for some reasons i was not happy with the backboard.
then, i received a commission, a very urgent one: less then a week to prepare a painting, a little one, which should go in Sri Lanka, to a very rich business man who has in his house painting from the biggest European painters of nineteenth Century.

ops...i said...and what could i give to this place?
no one of the ideas was ok, and still i had my veins without colour inside... when this little jewel came out to help me.
and so...

it has been realized using oil colours on a thick fabric, and the "lake" has gold leaf on, for someone it seemed to be a carpet with trees instead of treads...

Olive harvesting

Hello my friends! sorry for the silence break, needed to recover a bit.

Today i begun the harvesting, in a grey foggy day.

 i could enjoy all the landscape here around, and the many colors changing in yellowy shades.
I could also see the beloved Saiano hermitage from the fields.

This year the trees decided to rest, less olives then the past year. maybe The Holy Earth is telling: stop, to our misuses.

Around five, the time of Mass in Saiano, the sun came out and directed his light just on the monastery: what a wonderful sing!

in these period i had many many conversation with the Highest, mostly because of my difficulty to live in this matter life. and i still ask  to take me with Him, in his heart, forever, 'cause there is the only place i feel at home.

have a good week end!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

the time

the difficult time
is not a prove?
maybe right when you think you're doing your best, he is coming up to face you.

what can you/ i do?
sincerely, i ask to be helped. i refuge my heart in God and into his smile
for that moment in time
everything disappears
and i am taken up into the sky.

that is a strenght, to remember that the most important thing
is to be able to create JOY.
which will spread all round and automatically will create joy again.
That 's a new life coming.

and in this Great Project, my suffering disappear as a drop in the water.

And my Light, do not forget that every difficult moment comes for a new better time.

Have a wonderfull day!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

the most wonderful LOVE STORY

no images now.
i just want to say sorry
to the Light inside me,
as i didn't consider IT as real, as i had a so low idea of myself,
and that is a perfect lie, as we are God all, everyone differently His sign on the Universe.

Precious soul,
forgive me for so much poverty
in my mind

you are unique, colorful, and why why stupidly i tried to be different, to be something out of YOU?
you, so full of love
so delicate
so powerfull
so sweet

would you like, oh my soul , to merry me?
i love YOU

Friday, 23 September 2011

nature is an artist!

What do you think? that's not true?

Hi friends!
posting before the we, means to think to a beautiful coming free time...tomorrow i'll have one day for me! and...
let's think some nice things to do:
...find the new place to my Irish plant, heather
...relaxing yoga in the woods, breathing the new fall air and light :)
...starting a new painting
...going to Saiano ermitage, for mass
...maybe some pottery or sewing projects

...and more than everything: smile!

I suggest you this video, of a man and his art:

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A stormy birth-breath

Well, the new artistic Era was born in total confusion.
Lots of tasks at work, for the Martial arts school beginning the year, for some translations for interviews and websites for friends... 

I sewed a bit to understand how i could manage to melt this art with the one already i use, but this remained a strange primitive experiment.
Totally normal, i would say, the first day is already a bit stormy.
you don't really understand what is happening.
More, the upcoming fall is creating an Eco to my inner fragility, and combined with daylife stress make me tell:
take  a breath,but  a very deep one.

I started a sewing school, and i hope to surprise you with new inspirations!

enjoy your present!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

A new Era

Do you know what happened?

my friend Sara, lent me her electronic sewing machine, able to sew even hard and thick fabrics, so now i 'm experimenting new way of thinking at my work...

enjoy your weekend!

the sensation is to give birth to a new life...

Friday, 9 September 2011

right: contamination

melting, exploring  different arts, media, cultures.
this what springs me out.


Kilmore church, Mull island, Scotland

this photo comes from a glass window from Kilmore church, Scotland.
It seems to refer to Jesus and his wife Mary Magdalene, waiting for a baby, which seems to be born after the departure of the Divine Dad.
The story i heard is really interesting... Joseph of Arimathea, took the baby and went trought the sea until Marseille...and then, from  the middle of nowhere, he went in the french Bretain.
Time after Mary Magdalene and some other people reached him.
Years after, they could have moved in the actual England, i guess near the Glastonbury sacre area, where Joseph seems to go very often for business ( he worked in the metal business if i understood right)
...and from England, up to the north..

interesting, really interesting story.. is the Graal th e blood of Jesus, isn'it?


a very special gift

It's a real gift to be able to meet great artists, not great just because famous, but for their honour, and the force of the creation...it's very often that they are unknowed and living a very private life.

one of this, is called Sara Finato. I hope to post soon something about her.
She studies mosaic and now experioments painting with glaze acrylic colours, and is making a very interesting research about visual education for small kids in school.
She actually works more in classrooms and is growing there, on the stage.

Sara is one of that person without a time, out from the art-business and  fashion, always projecting, studing, struggling for the dying Academic ambients we have in Italian art schools, and with the strong wish to share discussion about Art and to create a real team of good artists.
A real storm.

Well, one day i was working in studio and she came in happy and smiling with a gift.

and more, it was a protrait!
i never received such a gift....

sorry for the bad photo....i was as usual, in a hurry!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

no sweeter name

i have to say that i love this singer, and this song is really great!

here if you like to know her, i discovered just for case Kari Jobe on the web.


Friday, 2 September 2011

Healthy spicy good morning

Toc Toc? 
this morning a little voice inside, was singing to me...would you enjoy something really healthy and energizer for breakfast?.....
here it is a really self made recipe and...i hope you enjot it!

1 apple
1 prune
1 pear---- or season fruit
2 cm of fresh ginger, cutted very very thin

wash, clean and cut the fruit and whirl it ( i have a little robot, like wirpool or VORKWERK )
cook if possible at low temperature, keep blendind for about 5 min without reach boiling

take out from fire, let it become cool , and add if to like some cinnamon or mint leaves)

You can add honey or sugar if you like

et voilĂ !


Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Silvia's Heart

That's a gift for Silvia, a friend which will soon move out, and land in venice.... i thought it was a good idea to remember where is our place... Xo


some good reason to fast today:

-the intention for peace in mind and heart of all humain beings
-all the divine and enlightened'  beings intentions
- make a good kidney and liver depuration
- purification

and a new smile!

...and a new tip....if hungerness comes, tell it: i will eat every of your wish tomorrow! :)

Friday, 26 August 2011

a good program for the we

Hi guys!
I'm preparing for a great week end..tomorrow i will enjoy the sea...

and on sunday the woods!
So hope to be restored and new of fresh life for the next week....and i wish for you the same!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Work thinking

....today i was again at office after 2and half month of my job.
First of all, i thought to be really thankfull to work in a place surrounded by wonderfull souls.

I have to admit that is nice to be in a confortable room, to can laugh with collegues, to be loved by my boss, and make little gifts to make a day lighter.

Anyway, i believe that 4 hours a day would be the best--after that, i start to get a bit stressed...
4 hours a day, Lord, what do You think?


Sunday, 21 August 2011

Jumping into the wood

Yea, a good idea to restore our soul in these hot summer time, has been to jump for a few days into the woods, here you see the Simone Mountain, between Toscana and Romagna.
It was a nice surprise at the sunrise, to hear from inside our tent, lots of squirrel chatting and dancing from a tree to another. 
Did you know they work much more at that time of the day?
It seemed to be inside a jungle!!!

Tomorrow, it's time to go back to  office, so today i'm preparing body and spirit to get the best of the social working life!!! 

Enjoy your week!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Wall painting

Hi Guys!
here some pics of my last work on commission...traditional flowers for a bedroom...enjoy!!