I like to image this blog as a woodland, where everybody could sometimes stop to refresh soul and ideas, and maybe find some inspiring glimpses of life....
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Saturday, 29 October 2011


At least i do not take a brush from one and half month... too much stress and rushing here and there.
thare will come the right time again.

this work, was born in a project for USA, but for some reasons i was not happy with the backboard.
then, i received a commission, a very urgent one: less then a week to prepare a painting, a little one, which should go in Sri Lanka, to a very rich business man who has in his house painting from the biggest European painters of nineteenth Century.

ops...i said...and what could i give to this place?
no one of the ideas was ok, and still i had my veins without colour inside... when this little jewel came out to help me.
and so...

it has been realized using oil colours on a thick fabric, and the "lake" has gold leaf on, for someone it seemed to be a carpet with trees instead of treads...

Olive harvesting

Hello my friends! sorry for the silence break, needed to recover a bit.

Today i begun the harvesting, in a grey foggy day.

 i could enjoy all the landscape here around, and the many colors changing in yellowy shades.
I could also see the beloved Saiano hermitage from the fields.

This year the trees decided to rest, less olives then the past year. maybe The Holy Earth is telling: stop, to our misuses.

Around five, the time of Mass in Saiano, the sun came out and directed his light just on the monastery: what a wonderful sing!

in these period i had many many conversation with the Highest, mostly because of my difficulty to live in this matter life. and i still ask  to take me with Him, in his heart, forever, 'cause there is the only place i feel at home.

have a good week end!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

the time

the difficult time
is not a prove?
maybe right when you think you're doing your best, he is coming up to face you.

what can you/ i do?
sincerely, i ask to be helped. i refuge my heart in God and into his smile
for that moment in time
everything disappears
and i am taken up into the sky.

that is a strenght, to remember that the most important thing
is to be able to create JOY.
which will spread all round and automatically will create joy again.
That 's a new life coming.

and in this Great Project, my suffering disappear as a drop in the water.

And my Light, do not forget that every difficult moment comes for a new better time.

Have a wonderfull day!