I like to image this blog as a woodland, where everybody could sometimes stop to refresh soul and ideas, and maybe find some inspiring glimpses of life....
Here you'll find all about beauty and art. Welcome!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sewing wish

Full summer time!
and...back to painting...

but for the free time ,this is my new sewing project...comes from AMY BUTLER DESIGN,


a great artist and person, look at her life and work style!

i already used some of her project, bought from web shop, and i love also her fabric design..!

enjoy your week!

Friday, 24 June 2011

studio light

I'm always glad to be back to my studio.
now twilight is coming, fresh air after a very hot summer St John's day.
i'm happy and thankful to have such a wonderful place where to live, surrounded by nature, river, sea and mountains..
I was impressed by England, there my soul felt really at home..and never knows, my suitcase is always ready!

This studio is full of things collected by many years, and it's so nice that when i have an idea, i nearly always am ready with material and the realization is simpler then.
i do not like going around spending time and money, i prefer finding what i need here...and my style is to collect thing while i travel, or when i am in town and just for case, something comes to me.
then, i know it's the right thing, this is the the way i like to work.

this week went into clay projects, to do the thing needed, to friends' home, to love ideas, to create something useful to give brightness to people and places.

i suppose the next will bring sewing projects, and finally back to painting..
it's nice to can stop for a while.
art is like breathing...inhale and exhale, outside, and ---for a while---inside.
not always pointed on result, but enjoying the way of the air into this breathing!

so, i wish for your a deep breath into this week end..hope you can enjoy time and what you love more!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

And...back to work!

My studio has a fresh new air....the wind of new 

travelling is always a way to renovate myself

and so... what england inspired me more, was about pottery... this pic is a wood heart found there, nice in my studio 's wall now.

today i realized some clay ideas i had, and i always love to model this wonderful matter.
hope to show you good results!

I mostly visited the south west of England, and what is still inside me, is the warm hug of nature. A great green heart of love.
THANKS to Merlin, King Artur, Saint michael , all the Heavenly Creatures who made of this trip a coloured surprise!

back home!

Merlin's cave, Tintagel

"our" crop circle, the Sanctuary, nr Avebury

chalice well, Glastonbury

lucy crop circlying!

Saturday, 11 June 2011


Hi friends!
this post is just to say you: thanks for living in Love!

....i'm leaving for some holidays....in Arturian's Land...

i will surely come back with new life, ideas, dreams, and inspiration for our next times together!!

enjoy time and creativity!

Saturday, 4 June 2011