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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Reversible Sea bag

Hi friends!
do you remember my sea project? i took some recycled fabrics, which suggested me the many moods of the sea, to make this enjoyable bag...

Of course the fabrics with an own story make me think about the waves, each one has a story as well....
This project took me quite a lot, mostly to find the right scraps and combine the lines, but i'm very proud of it now!

The tote came from the book Style stitches, an Amy Butler's work edited by Chronicles books. I made some changes to adapt it to my needs of course.

I really like that book.... you can find it here

This bag is a gift from a sailor girl..

Here spring is going on ,  these days we had Irish weather, showers and intense glimpses of sun, colours at their best intensity...i love this season, when it's still a bit chilly outside, in the night, and you can breeze real fresh air... the river is nearly in his full amount, and i'm happy for the earth.
You know, after the Great Snow, we had so hot days that the white treasure went away in the air before to have the chance to nourish the soil, and the past week - before the rain started- we already where in drought alert.
Well, this is a pic from yesterday morning walk

Have a nice day you all!!

Friday, 6 April 2012