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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sea project

here is a new project.. a sea handbag made from scraps and used cloths... it takes more time than keep a new fabric, as I have to find the good pieces from the old skirts and trousers, but it is really a great trip on life history...
I  put that book in the middle, because i'm reading it in these period, and, even if for some things and designs are too much extreme for me, i already am  into the mood of changing my idea of "how to dress, and how to treat fabrics"... now many colors on dresses, sounds like too noisy for my eyes, and this is because they absolutely too much chemicals...

work in progress...

oh, i forgot to mention that i received many gift from friends in these days:  three shirts, three pairs of very nice shoes, and even one new wonderful red trolley..
And this means..prepare yourself to travel with new steps, and in new paths, my Dear, in the Adventure of Life!!!

Today Togo and me had a wonderful windy walk through our medieval Village...

Bye bye friends!

Nature's Treasure Box

Hi Folks!

spring is rejuvenating everything... and i'm going into this process with all myself...

I did this box for a Little Girl, my faerie friend S, who wish to keep all her treasures found in walks on the beach or into the wood...

My friends, today my Heart was literaly filled up with Gold, by this little Angel.. and this emotion was so great that i was overwhelmed by joy.

Thank You Life You blessed me with so much Love...

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Birthday present

Yes, three month are passed by, form my birthday...but only in these days i realized that...

this year, i asked to Jesus my birthday present, sure that it would be the best choice.
When i was in BVI, on that day,  i had many many blessings, one among all to swim with about 20 Angel fishes..

but now i see what was the best, He gave me a new, amazing, wonderful Love friendship!

D is an angel on this Earth, and i'm so blessed i could met her!

(p.s. if you're wondering about what is "Love Friendship", to me it's that kind of friendship that is so True, unconditioned and full of compassion, that manifests a wonderful form of the Divine Love...)

And now, that spring is blossoming in the very sweet way, i recognize this birth...

I'm so happy, my friends, and today i wish for you to find the best Love Friendship ever !

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Refreshing spring

I love love love
this time of the year!

Today bright was the  sun and blue the sky


and i took all the possible excuses just to stay outside in the  nature...i made a bath to Togo, one to my car, one to me( in the swimming pool...), i planted chives in the garden (an idea i had from 2010..and still never done!) ...
 and now sunset is coming and i'm enjoying the birds concert with my tea...
 i also went to the garden grocer, and i have to say i love that place, which  inspires me not just because full of things and colours, but mostly because makes me think to beauty and care for nature.. yes i know it is also full of chemical products but i do not notice them ...  ^_^

So... tomorrow i'll be in the Appenins woods with friends, and i'll stay a bit longer in the fresh air..
i wish for you also a very nice sunday hopefully bright and sunny!!

Greetings from togo my white dragon!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Friendship cloth 1

This project was born by the online class " Whispering hearts", about which i spoke few posts ago.
And then i think became something else.

I saw how many hours is possible to spent on a few cm of work... and i decided to give this energy to a bigger aim.
As we are different colours of the same Light, so we can have different personalities and can, of course, happen that they sounds very different each other.

I decided to work on this, giving my time and creative energy to build a rainbow of friendness toward a person quite distant from me... creating an astral union, so that it will reveal its sunray in the matter.

That was my aim.
And i think it worked.
Yesterday i delivered this cloth to S, and i could see how the difficulties to interact with this being, were mostly in my mind, and in my fear and not acceptance of the different.

Dear friends, this very long 3-weeks workshop was very usefull for me...and hand sewing is also a very good zen practise, too.

I share with you even a song which i received from an Italian friend which sings beautifully...it's a R. Tagore song, in the first part it's spoke in Italian with english undertext..

Have a wonderful thursday, folks!