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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Foreste Casentinesi National Park

Dear friends,

today i went in this wonderful land... it is between Romagna and Tuscany, inside it helds two very ancient Sanctuaries (Camaldoli and La Verna) and ..
it is really a powerful place to me...

I needed to open my soul and be helped to clean it, so i started my day here..

Here you can see a picture from the 00 footpath. It is a medieval path built for cattle truck, and it runs all troughtout the Appenini mountains, always you wlak on the top of the mountains, so a wonderful landscape is guaranted!

In this period of the Year, you can smell a deep rebirth of leaves and trees, and with warm temperatures they are stronger..

today was also windy, and all the little flowers which diyed to leave place to leaves, was dancing in the air, together with a lot of polplar pollen.. it seemed a carnival ceremony!

I walked around for maybe three hours, and then i found even a waterfall where i rested to do some yoga.. and now, after many hours, i still can feel a great sense of Love inside...the trees gave me all what i needed, their breath, their hugs, their windy smile, and my soul was completely new after that!

Nature is the most wonderful doctor, isn't it?

Have a nice sunday you all ^_^

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